No. 40 Squadron (Howick) Air Training Corps

40 Squadron ATC is a unit within the New Zealand Cadet Forces. We parade once a week during school terms and provide additional activities on weekends and school holidays.

The Air Training Corps is loosely affiliated with the New Zealand Defence Force - we are an organisation about training youth to be the leaders of tomorrow. We are no ordinary youth group - from flying to shooting, survival camps to first aid, you will learn a wide range of skills that will equip you to be the best.

Do you want to learn new skills? Make new mates all over the country? Set yourself up with excellent references for future careers? Why not give 40 Squadron ago - What have you got to lose?

Just, what do you do exactly?

All sorts! When you register your interest with us you will be taken through an introductory course where you will learn about the different things we have to offer. From there you will attend a boot camp (weekend duration) where you will learn the basic skills required to continue. If you are successful and wish to continue, you then move to complete your 'Basic' or first year. From here all the opportunities are available to you.

Tell me more!

Every week we have a parade where all Cadets come to the unit to learn new skills. From classroom based lessons, to drill instruction and field exercises, these nights are used to give you the skills to put to use in real situations. Important information about events and the unit are also presented on these evenings.

All Cadets over their 3 year training period (before attending promotional courses) will cover a range of topic including flying, navigation, bushcraft, shooting, first aid and radio techniques to name a few. We have an emphasis on team work and discipline and therefore drill, leadership and instructional technique classes and exercises are also run.

View our Facebook page for photos of our activities.

Is there a uniform?

There sure is! You represent not only the Air Training Corps, but other organisations as we wear a very similar uniform.

Shooting? Flying? Survival? Is it all safe?

All Cadets will have an opportunity to experience activities not available to all youth. From live firing, to flying solo in an aircraft the ATC is all about training safe practises and allowing Cadets to apply their skills. Experienced Officers, Supplementary Instructors and Senior Non-Commissioned Officers will take you through lessons - starting off at the very basics of the topic, and expanding into the safety aspects of the activity as well as the different parts to completing the activity properly.

All activities of this nature have designated Risk Management and Safety processes to ensure the safety of all participants.

I want to join, what will I achieve in my first year?

Basic cadets after completion of their boot camp will begin training to learn the ins and outs of the organisation, be issued with their uniform, experience a camp in the bush and provide assistance at a community event.


Are the activities safe and supervised?

All activities are as safe as can be and are supervised by a variety of staff. Safety is number 1 in the field and our training to Cadets reflects this. We train Cadets in safety procedures so they can make informed decisions themselves. From there, field exercises are watched by Non-Commissioned Officers of varying rank each responsible for a different aspect of the activity. All events have a designated Officer In Charge and emergency contact.

What are the steps to joining?

1. Attend a recruitment seminar to learn more about the Organisation.
2. Fill out an interest form with your basic details.
3. Attend the introductory course.
4. If ATC looks right for you, attend the compulsory Basic Boot Camp.

Once I join, how do I progress?

All Cadets start off in the first year called 'Basic Flight'. First year Cadets get to experience all sorts of different parts of the Air Training Corps to familiarise themselves with the organisation. A Test of Elementary Training Skills is applied at the end of the year and Cadets graduate into the second year. Proficiency Flight (2nd year) Cadets receive more advanced training on what they have learnt previous and are able to attend more high level activities and promotional courses. Advanced Flight are our 3rd year Cadets who complete advanced training in bushcraft, leadership and instructional technique.

How to join:

  • For joining and recruitment information, see our joining page.