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Unit Support Committee


Each ATC unit has a Unit Support Committee which is a branch of the national support organisation the Air Training Corps Association of New Zealand or ATCANZ for short. This is the community part of the partnership with the government, through the New Zealand Defense Force.

Unit Support Committees are comprised of interested parents, ex-cadets, members of the local community and anyone else who has the interest of the organisation at heart.

Our Unit Support Committee is responsible for:

  • Liaising with the local community for community events.
  • Providing and administering funds for the maintenance and training requirements of the unit including fund raising.
  • Assisting the Unit Commander to support local activities when required.

Whilst fund raising is an important part of keeping the Unit running, annual fees are by far the biggest contributor to providing a financially healthy unit. We ask that the annual fees are paid before the end of term 1 each year.

Our Unit Support Committee meets at 7pm on the first Tuesday of each month, here at the Unit, to make decisions and plans on providing support for the unit in the coming months. Meetings follow the normal meeting format and are very relaxed. Please remember that as a parent/caregiver of a cadet you are automatically a member of the parent support committee and as such, you are welcome to attend any meeting & are encouraged to contribute your knowledge and expertise.

Members of the committee are not required to attend weekly parade nights; their role is to provide the support which is not provided by NZ Cadet Forces or the unit officers. Even if parents are busy and cannot attend monthly meetings, we still recommend coming to one or two meetings during the year to meet other parents and see how we operate.

We do hope that when the committee ask for help for an activity or event (normally at the weekend), that we get as many parents involved as possible, meaning that these things aren’t left up to the same people each time. Whilst all parents pay annual fees, it is still the responsibility of all parents to help at these events.

For further information, please contact the USC Chairperson via the contact form below.


Murray Clark
Carly Bateman
Sharron Zaugg

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